‘The Seeds’ is now featured on the PNCA website

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Pacific Northwest College of Art is now offering a BFA degree in Contemporary Animated Arts. Examples of student and faculty work are included in the new description page for the degree program, including a clip from my film “The Seeds – An Invisible Alchemy”.

Check it out: http://pnca.edu/caa


Paintings for sale

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All my current Paintings are for sale!

This one is available thru etsy: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=43753933 or directly thru me.


More images to be posted soon!

Hey Portlanders!

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Come shop for cool stuff at my new antique booth:
Artifact & Ephemera at Stars and Splendid in Westmoreland!

Vintage, Altered and Original clothes and accessories – antiques – original artwork – terrariums – puppets and more.                                                                                                All hand selected or made by Maeve F. Callahan and Sarah Gahagan.

7030 SE Milwaukie Avenue Portland, OR 97214

Two New Items on Etsy

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Check out our etsy shop at alchemysticalwrkshop.etsy.com.

I’ll be adding more soon!

Alchemystical Workshop.com is temporarily down

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Please visit our flickr gallery on this site and visit our myspace: myspace.com/alchemysticalworkshop to see our work.

Aluvion at Conflux

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Thanks to everyone who came to Conflux and saw my work at the fashion show. All the pieces came together beautifully and the models looked great.

Sadly my chosen music wasn’t able to play, but after a few minutes of awkward silence and some Shakespeare from MC Jay, some replacement music was found and the show went on.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped create the pieces, I couldnt have done it without you!

None of the clothes are imediately  available for sale, but in the coming monthes I will be starting an an etsey store, so keep your eye out for an announcement.

New Fashion from Alchemystical Workshop

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Ephemeral garments handcrafted from castoff and natural materials